DP&L Group

Back in 1826 it took our steamers the best part of two days to sail from Dundee to London, a journey that will now take you no more than 90 minutes by air. A lot has obviously changed since those early days.

DP&L hasn't just rolled with the times, we have embraced change wholeheartedly.

Today, instead of operating a long list of shipping routes, we have created a series of businesses in such diverse areas as, Leisure and Travel Management, Marquee Hire, Temporary and Permanent Recruitment and Industrial Supplies; specializing in Workwear, Paper and Hygiene Products, and Paints, Coatings, Woodstains and Lubricants. It may be surprising but all these activities can be traced back to our original shipping tradition.

Our sphere of operations may have changed but our method of doing business has never faltered. Committed to the very highest standards of customer service and satisfaction, the group's enduring success is based on this simple wisdom.